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Government Affairs

AROW's Government Affairs Committee, made up of AROW members, advises and guides AROW's advocacy initiatives. The group is charged with:

    • Developing an advocacy prioritization matrix;
    • Summarizing AROW's current policies and positions;
    • Developing a mechanism by which to develop AROW's position on policies;
    • Identify current/proposed policies that require AROW's input
Committee Contacts:

John Welch, (Dane County) Chair, welch(at)
Mark Walter, (Brown County) Secretary
Meleesa Johnson, (Marathon County) Active Member
Rick Meyers, (City of Milwaukee) Active Member
Lynn Morgan, (Waste Management) Active Member

Meeting minutes and other current documents are available to AROW Members.  
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Glass Taskforce

Taskforce Mission, Goals, Objectives, and Recommendations

The AROW Glass Taskforce mission was to research, evaluate and prepare recommendations on market-based, technical and regulatory solutions along with implementation strategies for container glass recycling in Wisconsin. 

The goals and objectives included:

  1. Research, understand, and present industry standards and specifications for glass grades.
    a.Compare quality/quantity desired versus quality/quantity available.
    b.Determine technological options to meet end-market specifications.
  2. Evaluate beneficial reuse options for mixed container glass.
    a. Review and report on cullet and non-cullet recycling and beneficial use options.
  3. Evaluate current and identify potential end-markets.
    a.Determine possible solutions with funding/grants.
    b.Discuss options for additional research in collaboration with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for    By-Product Utilization.
  4. Research and summarize state and national glass recycling programs, markets and beneficial reuse to support taskforce recommendations.
    a.Review and report on collection and source separation, bottle bills, mandatory recycling, end-     markets,landfill uses, aggregate and all other relevant programs.
    b.Summarize results, environmental impacts, and relevant regulations.
  5. Develop recommendations with strategies and regulatory/statutory requirements.
Glass Taskforce Recommendations - Click Here
November 28, 2016 Press Release - Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW) Recommend Actions to Improve Glass Recycling

State Recycling Budget Cuts

This section will share articles, documents, links or any other information related to recycling/waste reduction funding issues currently occurring in Wisconsin. Please feel free to use them to gain insight on how the proposed budget cuts will effect solid waste and recycling in Wisconsin.

Press Release - April 27, 2016 - New Law Increases Recycling Funding for 2016 - AROW Applauds Sen. Rob Cowles as Recycling Champion

Press Release - February 1, 2016 - AROW Supports Sen. Mark Milller & Efforts to Improve Wisconsin’s E-Cycle Law (SB621)

Press Release - October 29, 2015 - AROW Supports Sen. Robert Cowles & Effort to Provide Additional Recycling Funding (SB340)

Memorandum to Joint Finance Committee - May 1, 2015 - RE: Preserving recycling & waste reduction funding.

Letter to Gov. Walker and Legislators - March 25, 2015 -  RE: AB-21/SB-21 Proposed Budget – Reduced or Eliminated Funding for Recycling, Waste Reduction and Solid Waste Research Initiatives

Press Release - February 11, 2015 - Opposition to Governor Walker proposed cuts to Recycling & Waste Reduction Programs

Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center* (SHWEC) - This document speaks to the value of the UW-Extension/SHWEC.

UW System Solid Waste Research Program* -  This document details the enabling legislation, background and the types of research conducted through the UW Solid Waste Research Program.

*funding for these programs has historically come from the $7/ton Recycling Fee charged at landfills.

2011 Recycling Means Business Campaign - In 2011, recycling and solid waste programs in Wisconsin saw dramatic cuts to their funding.  This page provides information that was developed for this campaign.

The Cycle of Recycling

On 11/5/15 AROW's President, Meleesa Johnson, was a guest on WPR's Kathleen Dunn Show "In Defense of Recycling." Click here to listen.

Recent Legislative Actions

 WI SB340 Press Release - AROW Supports Sen. Robert Cowles & Effort to Provide Additional Recycling Funding 

WI SB7/AB11 - a bill that would repeal the newspaper recycling fee and the recycled content of newsprint used in newspapers. 

WI SB15/AB15 - Relating to: the manufacture and acceptance for sale of products containing microbeads.

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